Tuesday, January 13, 2015

This weeks grubs

January 12, 15

The past week was pretty interesting. Getting back into the groove of school and work. Everything seems to be falling into place. My Fiance and I decided to start a gym membership at Anytime fitness to help kick up intensity a bit more. So far I am very happy with our decisions. I suggest Anytime to anyone looking for a gym that will allow you to work out the way you want, at anytime that you want.

Before we begin, I am pleased with the response that I have gotten from my first post. It has motivated me to keep things going. It helps me stay on the fitness track knowing that people are interested in my meal preps.

*update: Frozen rice mixture. I was curious about how the rice would be after being frozen leftovers from last week. When I thawed the rice out it seemed really dry like it would taste terrible. To my surprise this was not true at all. When we portioned all of the meals this week we sprayed each serving of rice with spray butter (I can't believe its not butter or any other type of spray butter) Rice tasted fresh and was extremely moist and satisfying when microwaved. Just thought I would let you know, there is no need to fear frozen foods*

I am aware that a lot of people wonder about the nutrition information when comparing frozen veggies to fresh veggies. I prefer frozen veggies for efficiency and affordability, Turns out, it also has more nutrients :)
Check out this video

Todays Prep

Shopping list

1 16oz Can of black beans .85 cents
1 white onion 1.00
2 16 oz cans of mushrooms 1.69 each
1 bell pepper 1.13
1 small roll ground turkey 2.99
16oz bag frozen corn .99
16oz bag frozen peas .99
16oz bag French cut green beans .99
1 box whole wheat lasagna noodles 1.89
1 can pasta sauce 1.69
2lbs chicken breast 6.02
Cottage cheese 2.00

Shopping price total = 20.95!

Left overs (These Items were frozen last week to be used first this week)

6oz steak
21oz chicken breast
5 cups of rice mixture (see last weeks post for the recipe)

This weeks proteins

Ground Turkey

This weeks Carbs

Rice mixture
Sweet potatoes
Whole wheat pasta
Red potatoes (Didn’t have to buy more, had extra in the bag from last week)

This weeks Veggies

Corn Black beans and Peas Mixture
Green beans and mushroom mixture

Lasagna-4 meals
Chicken breast 13 meals
Steak – 2 meals
Red potatoes- 5 meals
Rice mixture – 7 meals
Green beans- 9 meals
Sweet potatoes – 6 meals

The Prep

This weeks Featured recipe

This is a turkey lasagna that is very easy to prep

First start by putting the ground turkey breast in a skillet and cooking it thoroughly.
You may see some grease begin to build up while its cooking. YOU WILL WANT TO DRAIN THIS OFF WHEN MEAT IS FULLY COOKED!

While the turkey is cooking you will want to cut up your Bell pepper and Onion.

Once you have drained the meat completely, return it back to the pan and mix in the Bell pepper and onions. Add whatever seasonings you would like. Because I like to limit my sodium intake, I use a small pinch of salt and go heavy on the Mrs. Dash

At this point, feel free to add the sauce and 1 can of mushrooms and let the meat sauce simmer while your lasagna noodles cook.

Once the lasagna noodles are cooked you can begin to layer ingredients in pan. The order I use is, Noodles, Meat sauce, cottage cheese, noodles and repeat for as many layers as you want, and then you can add cheese to the very top layer.. DON’T GO TOO CRAZY THOUGH

Divide this lasagna into 4 equal parts and store in prep containers. This lasagna can also be frozen and will still taste perfect! Feel free to add anything to these recipes. I wanted to add some spinach but I forgot. If I were to add spinach I would have added it raw during the layering process.

Other than the lasagna we made this week we continued to do our usual lean prep and used our usual portions. 

3oz lean protein
1cup carbs 
1/2 cup veggies (Next week we are upping this to 1 cup)

Sweet potatoes and Red potatoes
These are cooked the same way.. Toss in grapeseed oil and bake in oven at 350 for 45 min
    The red potatoes should be seasoned with salt and pepper and Mrs. Dash for flavor.
    The sweet potatoes don't need seasoning, maybe just add a little spray butter.

This weeks Leftovers (This will be used first next week *we don't waste food or money*)
2 cups of red potatoes
6 cups of black bean peas and corn mixture  (see last weeks post for recipe)

This is what the end result will look like!

Check back in a couple days for a new breakfast prep.. We will be doing overnight oats for those who are busy in the morning and need to get going fast and have a fit breakfast!

This is what the end result will look like. If you have any leftovers they can be frozen until you use them next time, just make sure you don't refreeze them. USE THEM FIRST IN THE NEXT PREP WEEK.  

If you have any questions please feel free to leave them in the comments. Im getting used to this blog thing. I can use your help and your questions to make my post better to my followers :)

Good day, Be Fit, and see ya next sunday!


Sunday, January 4, 2015

A new year, A fresh start

January 4, 2015

This is my first time blogging ever so bare with me as I learn the ropes!
I may have skipped some details so PLEASE ask questions.

It seems as if we all live in a world where we are all busy. Often times it is hard to find enough time in the day to get everything done. One problem that I have seen many people complain about is finding time to cook a healthy meal. TRUST me, I am guilty of that myself. I know all about long study days which lead to me looking at my fiance (Joan) and deciding to ordering a pizza. As good as that pizza tastes, it leads to gaining more than just a few pound. Luckily, I have an awesome solution Ive been trying for awhile now. MEAL PREP!!

Meal prepping forces you to eat a little better.. Most of the reason why I eat so bad is because I don't want to spend time cooking, so I'll grab something quick or go out.. This way all my dinners are ready I just grab it and go.

Here are a couple of older preps I have done.
In my preps you will see that I have my favorites :)

Now, Here is the run down of how this should be done, and then I will give you my prep for today.

When I prep my meals I portion the food groups the same way in all of my meals, Just my personal preference because my main goal is weight loss.

My Portion Sizes
Protien (Meat) - 3 ounces
Carbohydrates - 1 cup
Vegetables - 1/2 cup
(This is Just personal Preference and some of my portions are standard amounts)
                                                      If you Don't Own a scale here is a help portion guide!

When you prep your meals you have a large Spectrum and create many different combinations for the week.
Pick Meats
Pick Carbs
Pick Veggies

Once your meals are done they can be refrigerated for up to 5 days or frozen if you do not use them.
I have frozen meals several time and they still heat up great, just make sure you give them time to naturally thaw in the fridge.

Todays Prep

Proteins: Chicken and Lean Sirloin steak

Carbohydrates: Red Potatoes, whole wheat pasta, And Rice Mixed with spinach and garlic

Veggies: Black bean corn and peas mixture, and Green beans mixed with mushrooms.

Shopping List (For 2 people) Cut this cost in half for one person

6 lbs Of Chicken (96 ounces) 12.87
A little more than a pound of lean sirloin (About 18 ounces) 12.44
Bag of Red Potatoes 3.99
Long Grain Rice 1.49
One Box of whole wheat pasta 1.34
1 can of black beans 16oz .79
1 can of mushroom pieces and stems 16oz 1.69
1 bag frozen corn .99
1 bag frozen peas .99
1 bag frozen french cut green beans .99
1 jar pasta sauce 1.49
1 bag cooking spinach 2.69
1 bunch of green onion .99
Total cost for this prep 42.72 

The Yield 

 Black bean corn and Peas mix - 13 meals
 Green Beans and Mushroom mix - 7 meals
 Chicken Breast - 15 Meals
 Steak - 5 Meals
 Pasta - 7 meals
 Red Potatoes - 7 Meals (used about 6 potatoes) will get exact count next week
 Rice, Spinach, and Garlic Mixture - 6 Meals (I cooked 4 cups of uncooked rice)

The leftovers
These are the items that we are "Up" next week, which means that we do not have to prep this they will be frozen and eaten first in next weeks prep.

Chicken Breast - 21 oz 7 meals
Steak - 3 oz 1 meal
Rice - 5 cups 5 meals 

 For the chicken I cook it in a pan to cook the out side and then transfer it into a larger pan and bake the rest o the chicken, it gives me a really moist and juicy chicken even after microwaving. I use the same process for cooking steak. (Important* IF you like you like your steak med well you are going to want to undercook it just a bit to accommodate for the microwaving)

The potatoes are simply cut up and tossed in grape seed oil seasoned with salt and pepper and baked for 45 min.

The Black Bean Corn and peas mixture is just mixed in a large bowl. (Important* Drain black beans in a strainer and run cold water over them to get the extra black juice off of them to prevent the rest of the mixture from turning a nasty dark color).

Green Beans and Mushrooms Simply need to be mixed as well, no cooking is needed because the veggies are fully cooked and will thaw in the fridge. They will be perfect when heated in the microwave.

My favorite rice mixture. You will need to cook your rice ahead of time and let it sit out to get firm and dry out a bit (You don't want it to be wet). Once the rice has set out for a while you get a big pan (preferably a WOK because they are effing awesome) put some grape seed oil in the pan and once it is hot fry the rice a little in the pan. While frying add minced garlic and season with Mrs. Dash garlic and herb seasoning and add a little salt. After that, just add the uncooked spinach in and mix it until it wilts. Once the spinach is wilted remove from pan and let cool off.

The pasta, just needs to be boiled, after it is done being boiled add your sauce and let it sit aside and cool. (You can use white or red sauce this is your preference)

USE A SCALE IF YOU HAVE ONE (Can be bought for around 20 bucks at Meijer) it helps get accurate amounts of food and helps you eliminate food waste and have better portion control.

This is what the end result will look like. If you have any leftovers they can be frozen until you use them next time, just make sure you don't refreeze them. USE THEM FIRST IN THE NEXT PREP WEEK.  

If you have any questions please feel free to leave them in the comments. Im getting used to this blog thing. I can use your help and your questions to make my post better to my followers :)

Good day, Be Fit, and see ya next sunday!